Brand Story

Our Founder

Growing up, Chef Seah is constantly being wrapped by aroma from nearby restaurants and eateries. Cooking became his passion as the kitchen became his playground; soaking up the aroma and focusing on Singapore's renown dishes. Chef Seah dreams to share the Singapore flavour with many others, dedicated to launching these simple and pure premixes. 

佘主厨小時候家附近都是餐館、小吃店。整天都被美食的香氣包圍便深深吸引兒時的好奇心這樣開啓了成爲厨師的道路。經過漫長的嚴苛訓練 練出一手好厨藝鉆磨道地的新加坡菜餚。夢想著和更多人分享新加坡美食的味道;琢磨出了即方便又輕巧的料理包。

Our Story

Seah’s Spices was founded in 1991 by Chef Seah, whom single-handedly started this premix empire with its Made in Singapore persistence. What started as a humble concept by equipping home cooks with easy to use seasoning mixes, turns into a brand that Singaporeans can be proud of . Today, Seah’s Spices has a wide range of products that are available at leading major supermarkets, wet markets, mini markets in Singapore .  The products are also exported to Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand,  Myanmar, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada and The Netherlands.

Seah's Spices is one of the few remaining companies that is still producing its seasoning mixes from scratch in Singapore.




Our Signature

Creating a healthy and happy lifestyle that takes care of our health and desires, our signature products are developed with Chef Seah’s secret formula combining with Chinese herbs, to bring out the food therapy concept. Eat Good and Feel Good. 


Our Natural Origins

We believe in the power of natural ingredients that come in a host of good health benefits. At Seah’s Spices, each pack of the premix was uniquely formulated by Chef Seah to recreate various Singapore dishes with authenticity. Only natural herbs and spices are used.

“We product nothing less than delicious”