Recipe for Seafood Hot Pot Soup Spices
1 sachet of spices
6 bowls of water (1500ml / 50oz)
*1 bowl ~ 250ml
Note: To enhance flavoring, include boney meat while preparing the soup base.
Hot pot soup base:
1. Boil 1500ml water.
2. Place sachet in water (optional with meat) and cook for 30 mins on low heat.
3. Remove sachet before serving. Serve hot.
Cooking suggestions:
Old Cucumber Soup / Winter Melon Soup / Bitter Gourd Soup / Lotus Root Soup / Radish Soup / Corn and Carrot Soup / Watercress Soup / Cabbage Soup-Step 2, add in sachet, meat and above mentioned named ingredient.
-Step 3, simmer for 45 mins on low heat. Remove sachet before for serving.