Recipe for Kung Pao Spices
1 red spices & 1 white coloured sachet (included)
300g of chicken (Cut into strips)
1 onion (Cut into slices)
50g dried chili (Pre-soaked)
1 tablespoon oil (15ml/ 0.5oz)
½ tablespoon white vinegar (7.5ml/0.25oz)
½ tablespoon rice wine (7.5ml/ 0.25oz) 
1. Coat meat with spices from the white coloured sachet and deep fry for 2 mins till chicken is ¾ cooked.
2. Heat wok with oil. Stir fry onion and dried chili for ½ min.
3. Turn off fire. Add meat and spices from red coloured sachet and stir fry for another ½ min.
4.Distribute white vinegar and wine evenly. Serve hot.
1) Green and red capsicum cubes may be added into step 2 to garnish the dish.
2) Optional to include rice wine.